Art Blegen: Writer of Chapter Books for Young Readers

Imaginative Adventures for Young Readers


If you’ve spent any time at all with children, you know how wonderfully engaging their imaginations can be. Cardboard boxes become firetrucks. Broomsticks become horses. It’s been twenty years since a young boy on the baseball team that I coached told me vivid stories about his pet alligator he’d caught in the back yard of his North Carolina home.


Listening to these stories became, not a frustration, but a joy! I began to relive my childhood adventures in my mind. A gentle sloping hill became an impossibly steep alpine peak. A trickle of a stream became a raging river. My spirit became alive again, and I knew I needed to start writing these adventures down.


All children need ample opportunities to engage their fascinating imaginations! The world is filled with problems that can be solved by creativity and imagination, Where else will children learn these skills?


Whether it’s reading books, acting in plays, creating music, these activities that engage a child’s imagination are key to their emotional health and future success!


Here’s hoping you have many adventures of your own!