Art Blegen: Writer of Chapter Books for Young Readers

About the Author

Art Blegen: author

Award-winning author Art Blegen is an author of children’s books for young readers. His series “The Adventures of Kris” features a feisty young girl based on a young baseball player he once coached.

Art is an advocate for educating children and their parents to ensure they have a healthy balance of positive examples in their lives. Wholesome stories and a healthy imagination can lay the foundation they will use for the rest of their lives.

Before returning to school to receive his Master’s of Divinity in 2018, he spent ten years coaching youth sports. This gave him a deep insight into the ways children’s minds work and how to tap into their vivid imaginations.

Art is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. One of his favorite moments each week is when he has the opportunity to sit down with the children in the church for story time.

Each child is important, and each family matters to Art. Art is active in his spare time, playing with his grandchildren, and serving the community by encouraging places and activities where children can thrive.

Reader feedback is always important to Art.  He considers his readers part of the team and would be overjoyed to hear your thoughts and suggestions for future books!

Art and his wife Annabell live in Moline, IL.