My Hobbies

People sometimes ask me what I do when I’m not writing. The answer is “a lot”! Besides being an author, I am also an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church, serving two separate congregations. That takes up a lot of my time but is very rewarding. My favorite part of the pastor’s job is working with the kids. Whether it’s children’s time during the service or just having conversations with them during our breakfast or snack times, these are some of the best blessings from the job!

Being a pastor also allows me to have fun with my oldest hobby, which is music. I get to sing every week, play guitar. I even played the native American flute for the church a few months ago.

I don’t have time in my busy schedule to coach a baseball team anymore, but enjoy getting out in the yard and playing ball with the grandkids when I have an opportunity. I’ve learned that every child can play sports. They often just need somebody to believe in them and give them encouragement.

When nothing else is going on, there is little that I like better than spending time in nature. Hikes in the woods, paddling a kayak or a canoe, or just sitting next to the river watching the fish jump and the geese waddle, and eagles soar overhead. One thing I like most about being outdoors is letting my mind wander and my imagination take over. I will daydream about floating on the clouds, climbing trees like a squirrel, swimming like an otter, or soaring like a hawk. In my imagination I can go anywhere! Just like Kris!

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