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Kris & The Missing Prince


Kris & The Missing Prince

I’m not a princess, I’m a knight!

Raised by a single father, Kris bristles at being called a princess. She is as much a Knight as any boy! When you can pull her out of her books that is.

Left at her grandmother’s farm for a whole month, Kris begins to explore and finds herself in a strange world deep in the woods. A world filled with creatures directly out of her imagination.

While frantically searching for a way to get home, her newest friend, a terrified little elf named Gregory, gives her even more bad news. The kingdom’s prince, and the forest’s mayor have both been captured by an evil gnome named Gnalath.

Can Kris and her friends find the gnome?

Can they rescue the prince?

Can Kris find her way home again?

Kris & The Missing Prince is a lighthearted beginning chapter book about friendship, imagination, and never giving up on yourself.

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Praise for Kris & The Missing Prince...

A delightful little tale full of friendship, adventure and imagination! … Blegen’s language choices are a delight to the senses and easily show what Kris experiences on her journey. From the “curving path made by the creek as it zigzagged through the trees…” to the colour of the sky which was “somewhere between a very ripe plum, and a bowl of blueberries”, the imagery and descriptions used are captivating and appropriate. —Reedsy Discovery.

Kris & The Pirates

It was supposed to be a fun day at the beach.

In the middle of the ocean, Kris finds an island with beautiful, sandy beaches. The ideal place to go swimming! Once she can teach the biggest, strongest sailor not to be afraid of the water, that is.

The perfect day is interrupted when a bunch of pirates appear out of the jungle. They capture the crew and chase Kris through the jungle. Now the pirates are trying to steal the ship and leave Kris and the crew stranded on the island.

Can Kris escape the Pirates?

Can she rescue the crew?

Can they steal their own ship back and get home?

Kris & The Pirates is the next installment of The Adventures of Kris, where imagination and friendship can overcome any obstacle.

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Praise for Kris & The Pirates...

This story is a must-read! It has action, suspense, humor, and talking animals and gives new meaning to “getting lost in a good book!” I recommend you read the book. Why? Because it’s that good! It has action, suspense, humor, and (let’s not forget) talking animals! —Reedsy Discovery.

If you’re looking for an adventure story that will have kids racing through the jungle and fighting pirates, you’re in the right place with Kris & The Pirates by Art Blegen. —Reader Favorites

Imaginative and adventurous, Kris & The Pirates is an absolute joy to read. Art Blegen fills the pages with just the right combination of action, adventure, and mystery in a fast-paced story that will entertain readers from the first page to the last. —Reader Favorites.