Why I Love Libraries

One of my fondest memories as a child were the days my little sister and I would hop on a bus for an adventure to the library. As much as we both loved books, nobody should be surprised that we both grew up to be writers!  You can find more about my sister at: https://laurablegen.com.

The first thing we saw when we got off the bus was the playground built right outside the library. Swings, Slides, Jungle Gyms, anything that could inspire a child’s imagination, especially when we were done reading the adventures hidden between the pages of the hundreds of books just waiting for us to explore.

Of course, the books were the main thing we visited for, but they were not the only thing.  We found music, magazines and artwork. Today there are banks of computers just waiting for anyone wanting to use them.

We would spend hours in the library sitting on a little couch by the window reading through stacks of adventures. We would get so lost in the books that often the librarian would have to remind us it was time to catch the bus home.

By that time, we still had stacks of books we hadn’t gotten to yet, so we carried them up to the counter and they would let us sign them out and take them home for free.  No matter how many books we took home, though, we’d run out of them before it was time for our next trip.  Neither one of us could EVER have enough books!

Art Blegen: author

Imaginative Adventures for Young Readers

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